Monday, 26 May 2014

Nick Griffin Looses Seat

Well, what many BNP members and supporters feared has happened, BNP leader Nick Griffin has lost his seat as an MEP.

The media are now gloating about the BNP loosing their only MEP. It appears that many patriots have switched their support to UKIP (aka the safety valve).

People need to think back twelve years ago, when any debate on immigration was a big taboo, I believe the BNP broke this taboo and made it possible for the issue to be debated in public.

As Nick Griffin said in an earlier posting on the BNP website,

"Our victory this time is actually in all those piles of Ukip ballot papers. Because they only felt able to pretend to tackle the immigration issue, and the media mind-benders who for several different reasons promoted them only felt able to do so because WE broke the taboo."

I think this is true, UKIP have certainly took many nationalist votes away from the BNP and it's a pity that things have ended up this way, but as many nationalists are predicting - once people see that UKIP have no intention of stopping immigration, people will come back to the BNP.


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