Thursday, 3 April 2014

Farage Verses Clegg - Farage Wins

In the second live TV debate between UKIP leader Nigel Farage and Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg we again saw Clegg get a beating.

I must give it to Clegg though - the mans got guts. I mean to go on national TV with a load of anti British, unpopular left wing views and utter lies takes some doing. In the end Clegg shown himself as a career politician who is only interested in feathering his own nest - much the same as Milliband and Cameron.

Clegg's body language said it all too, he was tensed up as if he was telling the British people that only he knows what is best for them.

The 'white working class' was only briefly mentioned too and was only mentioned by Farage, mind you, left winger 'Dimwit Dimbleby' steered the debate away from any show of British nationalism and I think Farage has toned down his views on many of the pressing issues that face Britain today.

Why did Farage fail to mention Asian grooming gangs?

Why was there no talk about the whole issue about political correctness?

Why no mention how the UK now has a two tier law system?

There was no mention of Halal and Kosher slaughter either.

Yes, the debate was good and I'm sure the British people will see Farage as a breath of fresh air, there is a 'but' though.

Farage has started to keep quiet about a lot of pressing issues that the British people are concerned about.

I suppose he has chose to try to appeal to a wider demographic, I think ignoring the other issues presents a danger to the country.

Here are some of the most disturbing 'ignored' issues in Britain today.





Isn't it time Farage started mentioning more of the real issues in the TV debate, getting more 'in touch'?

Farage is surely thinking about all these issues but again is 'keeping mouth shut' for fear of being branded a racist.

Maybe it's time Farage stood aside and let Nick Griffin on TV to debate against the Liberal Democrat leader.

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