Thursday, 9 January 2014

New Year Blues - Warm Up With Griffin Beef Stew

Sorry for not posting since new years eve, to be honest I've not really been in the mood for it - with all the bullshit floating around in the mainstream media lately, it's no wonder people like me are getting fed up with the lies and twisting the truth.

Firstly we all have seen the news reports about how only a 'small' number of Romanian & Bulgarian immigrants are expected to flow into the UK since the doors were opened on new years day. Also the fact that they will have to wait 3 months before they will be able to claim benefits.

I thought about this stupid idea quite a lot, I mean isn't this just advertising the fact that they can come here and rough it for 13 weeks, then after that they will be entitled to a wide range of cash handouts from us taxpayers?

We then had the media fuss over Nick Griffin going bankrupt, (I had a few left wingers making remarks to me about it on Twitter).

So Nick is bankrupt - So what? The media were very happy to have a dig, mentioning all sorts about Nick's financial standing. The thing what they don't realise is that Nick is in a win win situation now. The solicitors that brought about the bankruptcy wont be seeing any debt repaid and Nick has shown himself to be very 'in touch' with the rest of us who are finding life increasingly financially tough.

There is no shame in becoming bankrupt. It's just one of those things and those that stick the boot in ought to be ashamed of themselves, as this could happen to any of us.

Nick seems to have taken all of this in his stride and is even using the situation to help others who are in financial difficulties.

Yesterday Nick Griffin published a very useful video about cooking a beef stew on a budget (yes I was surprised too!), but then I thought, what a useful video.

For those of us (myself included) who find it hard to cook, this was a very useful video. I have actually just finished my very own 'Griffin beef stew' having started it at 5am this morning.

I didn't feel confident about the end product when I started preparing it this morning, but after following Nick's tips & instructions it really has turned out delicious and I was surprised how cheap and easy it was to make.

I have done my sums and after scrounging a few bits from my sister (stock cubes & some mixed herbs), the total cost has come to £6.22, with the added help of a 50% reduced cheeky Asda 'whoops' £2.90 beef stewing steak (should have been £6!).

Bear in mind this has produced 6 adult portions (5 are going in the freezer) you have to admit, it's a cheap nutritious meal compaired to what you would pay for additive filled supermarket ready meals.

Here's the video, unlike Jamie Oliver recipes where some require a remortgage, Nick is fully 'in touch', offering cheaper alternatives to those who are unable to afford certain bits of ingredients. Nick also helps those who are raw beginners to cookery by showing some of the basics, i.e chopping veg & meat.

Try this yourself, save money and eat well, it makes good sense, it's delicious!

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