Friday, 6 December 2013

Mandela, why is everyone against this true statesman?

From Carol

Well, the inevitable has happened. Yesterday we learned of the death of Nelson Mandela and I was saddened and shocked to see some of the unsavoury comments on many of what I call "the bigot blogs". It appears that even when somebody has passed away there are still those who like to curse and attack. I have said a prayer for these people, I mean what else could I do? By cursing these bigots am I not as bad as them?

Nelson Mandela was a shining example to many world leaders, look how he turned South Africa around from a apartheid government to a fully all inclusive democracy.

Nelson knew that apartheid was plain wrong, it was an evil form of governance. What else could Nelson do apart from stand up to this evil form of government?

Nelson will be missed that's for sure. South Africa will never be the same without him and I am sure he will go down in world history as a saviour for what is right. What else can we say about this man?
Well, look at the decades he spent in appalling conditions behind bars and look at the courage and determination he had whilst behind those bars.
Nelson never backed down to racist idioligy (a bit like me), and we should worship him for that.
I know every reader wont agree with my view on Nelson but please, please show at least some respect and remember all the good he did.
He wasnt a bad man after all, he taught many a leader how to overthrow oppression and bigotry.
One of Nelsons other qualities was that he had the will to forgive. Look how he found the power to forgive de Klerk and others. I for one will be praying for Nelsons family in these difficult times, I wouldnt hold your breath that the BNP will show any respect to Nelson Mandela. I suppose stranger things have happened though!


Left wing, socialist, religious contributor to BNP debate.



  1. As I have said on Twitter Carol, you left wingers seem to forget about Mandelas victims.
    What about them?
    Did the innocents deserve to die for Mandelas cause?
    Mandela was a very violent & dangerous man who commited murder against innocent whites and blacks also, we must always remember that fact.

  2. I do not usually disagree with comments on patriotic sites but I totally disagree with this summation of this man Mandela. Necklacing was big really big when he was a terrorist fighting the SA government, unsavoury as it might appear. Death is death but what a way to die!

  3. I agree James, Mandela was a nasty piece of work. Our resident UAF supporter 'Carol' will always praise the enemies of nationalism.