Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Farage Changes Tune Over Immigration

UKIP leader Nigel Farage has changed his tune over immigration saying that we should take Syrian refugees in.

Nigel Farage - showing true colours

He believes that refugees fleeing the Islamic jihadist caused war are a different thing to mass numbers of immigrants.

His call for taking Syrian refugees has caused a backlash from the party’s membership, one that he never saw coming.

Some are even saying that they would never vote UKIP again unless he changes his position, according to press reports and many comments in the press today.

The Labour party are also in favour of accepting Syrians and have fixed a figure of 500. However, we expect that it would be impossible to keep to such a figure, once you open the doors.

The move by Farage has been a major blow for his leadership support amongst the ordinary members.

Whilst many have remained quiet, as members do, there have been a decent number of members up in arms over his position.

Members left messages on the party’s Facebook condemning his new idea with one member leaving the message “Beginning to think you’re just another out of touch politician. Recently you come across that you haven’t got a clue about what’s going on here.”

Another message read;” We are full up. We need to get our country back on a sound footing, we cannot take on the responsibility of the world on our shoulders, think again Nigel.”

This has become a crisis for the UKIP leader especially with the Conservatives moving in on voters it has lost to UKIP.

Recently the Austrian government said that they would take Syrian refugees but only Syrian Christians not Muslims.

We have thousands of asylum seekers already wanting to stay here, let alone the multitude of mainly men from North African and Middle Eastern countries waiting on the French coast to get here.

I wonder if Farage regrets voicing this unpopular idea? Did Farage not think that the idea would drive members & potential voters away from his party?

I think Farage's retoric will drive away support, some of it will certainly now flow towards the BNP.

Farage has helped the BNP as he has shown UKIP to be no different to the LibLabCon.


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