Saturday, 23 November 2013

BNP Outraged at Headteachers Threat

The BNP have been flooded with reports from outraged parents in Staffordshire after receiving a letter from the Head Teacher, Mrs Lynn Small, of Little Green Community School, stating that if parents refused to allow their children to attend a “multicultural workshop” their children will have a “Racial Discrimination note attached to your Child's education record, which will remain on this file throughout their school career”!

The BNP Website which broke the news

The Story in the Daily Mail

Click to enlarge the threatening letter

Text sent to parents - even asking for £5 transport costs

Headteacher at centre of controversy - Extreme left winger Lynn Small
The Daily Mail Website confirms that the level of outrage shown has led the council to step in and give a written apology to parents.
Well, it gives me some satisfaction that the parents stood up to this left wing bully causing the council to step in and do a U turn.
Why haven't the council sacked this woman?
This is exactly what we are up against with left wing do-gooders, they try to control the way people think and if they sense that wont work, they try to play the race card (can't understand this as Islam is not a race).
One things for sure though, Lynn Small will certainly think twice before sending threatening letters to parents in future.
Well done to the BNP, Daily Mail & everybody concerned.

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