Friday, 15 November 2013

An interesting few weeks

Sorry I've been 'offline' for a few weeks especially during very interesting times and very interesting and sad happenings.

One thing I felt especially sad about was the life sentence given to a Royal Marine on duty in Afghanistan.

The Royal Marine (Known only as marine A) has been convicted of murder following the execution of a seriously injured Afghan insurgent in September 2011.

The court martial board found the commando ,guilty of murdering the man in Helmand Province more than two years ago.

Two others, known as Marines B and C, were acquitted. Marine A will be sentenced on December 6.

The marines denied murdering the unknown captured Afghan national on or about September 15 2011, contrary to Section 42 of the Armed Forces Act 2006.

But a seven-strong board, consisting of officers and non-commissioned officers, convicted one of the defendants following a two-week trial at the court martial centre in Bulford, Wiltshire.

What the hell was this court thinking of? Marine A maybe did act a little stupid but we have to remember that the man he shot was a terrorist - plain and simple.

The next thing was Sheffield MP David Blunketts comments on Roma immigrants and also Blackburn MP's comments on the Labour mistake of allowing the open door policy whilst it was in power.

From The Daily Mail...

Two former Labour Home Secretaries are being congratulated on their belated candour about immigration. Jack Straw now says letting so many people settle in Britain was a ‘spectacular mistake’.

David Blunkett has gone further, warning of civil unrest in his home city of Sheffield because the behaviour of recently arrived Roma gypsies is ‘aggravating’ the locals.

Joy there is said to be in Heaven over every repentant sinner. But before the angels start cracking open the Bollinger, it is worth pausing to consider the part played by both men in creating the mess we find ourselves in today.

Straw and Blunkett were two of the most senior figures of the Blair/Brown era. They were fully signed up to the New Labour ‘project’.

Well there you go - a 'spectacular mistake', what the BNP has been saying for years but when the subject was ever mentioned or questioned by anybody (not just BNP activists), they were branded a host of names - nazi, bigot, racist was Labour's 'buzzword' for anyone who didn't support their disastrous plans.

Here is a video reminding people of the Labour mindset in action. Listen to Gordon Brown at 4.40, he brands the woman a bigot for questioning immigration.

Well, there you go folks. It shows plain and simple that the whole liblabcon cannot be trusted. How many more lies and betrayals can people cope with?

Typical Labour, marketing spiel, playing up to the cameras, soundbites galore, PR parrot on his shoulder spinning away...all undone when he's not two seconds behind closed doors and shows his true colours.
Brown was annoyed because he ended up in front of someone who challenged him.
I think Milliband and the rest of them are no different.

Blunkett and Straw can see that the coalition Con - Dem are going to do nothing about the upcoming influx of Romanian & Bulgarian nationals so they are trying to sound apologetic and tough on immigration, in other words just they are telling you what you want to hear - nothing else.

People are waking up, I'm sure of it. The brainwashing attempts by past and present ministers isn't fooling anyone anymore and we are seeing a new breed of semi nationalists emerging.

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