Saturday, 26 October 2013

Sainsbury's goes PC

Disabled pensioner is banned from using Sainsbury's home delivery service 'for calling their driver a coloured gentleman'
  • Marian Burke, 73, from Highgate, north London, says she used the term entirely innocently to refer to a ‘lovely’ deliveryman
  • Mrs Burke, who has osteoporosis and cannot leave the house, says she is dependent on the delivery for her £80 weekly shop
  • Wheelchair-bound pensioner, who has a Kenyan carer, said Sainsbury’s should be ashamed of its actions

  • A disabled pensioner claims she has been banned from using the Sainsbury’s home delivery service after describing one of their drivers as a ‘coloured gentleman’.
    Marian Burke, 73, says she used the term entirely innocently to refer to a ‘lovely’ deliveryman who works for the supermarket.
    But she says a manager at Sainsbury’s immediately branded her a racist for saying the word and said her custom was no longer welcome.

    Last night the supermarket insisted the ban was justified and accused Mrs Burke of using a ‘racial slur’ on three separate occasions. But wheelchair-bound Mrs Burke, who has a Kenyan carer, strenuously denied the charge and said Sainsbury’s should be ashamed of its actions.

    Mrs Burke, who suffers from osteoporosis and cannot leave the house, says she is completely dependent on the delivery service for her £80 weekly shop.
    Being unfamiliar with computers means online delivery is not an option, so for the last ten years she has phoned the supermarket with her shopping list of food and household goods.
    After a string of mistakes in recent weeks with deliveries arriving without several essentials, she called the shop to inform them of their error.
    She recalled: ‘When the manager asked me what the name of the delivery driver was, I had to tell him that I didn’t know. I said to him, “I don’t know his name, but he was a lovely coloured gentleman”.’
    She continued: ‘Then all hell broke loose. The man on the other end of the phone called me a racist, and said they would never again take an order from me.’
    Last night a Sainsbury’s spokesman claimed the company’s ban came after Mrs Burke had been ‘aggressive’ and used ‘racial slurs’.
    He said: ‘Following three separate incidents in which racial slurs were used in an aggressive manner against our colleagues we had no choice but to ban this customer.

    ‘We do not take such action lightly but we have a duty of care towards our colleagues to protect them from racist and abusive language and any form of aggression.’
    But Mrs Burke denied the firm’s version of events, saying: ‘That’s absolute lies. How dare they call me a racist? They should be ashamed.’

    Last night one of Mrs Burke’s two carers said: ‘I heard the phone call. She was not rude and she was not racist at all.’
    The Sainsbury’s telephone ordering service – which is not offered by her other local supermarkets – had previously been a lifeline for Mrs Burke, who is separated and does not have children.

    She says she wept after the staff member’s outburst earlier this month and is now relying on a friend who lives nearby for her shopping needs. She said: ‘There’s not a racist bone in my body. What’s wrong with referring to someone as coloured? It’s political correctness gone mad.’

    The retired secretary, who lives in Highgate, North London, was dependent on her weekly delivery from the nearby Finchley Road branch which processed her order from a call centre – although not always correctly.
    ‘They were always forgetting things, and it’s so hard for me to get out,’ said Mrs Burke.
    ‘Also, the delivery costs me nearly £10, so I felt that I wasn’t getting the service I deserved.’

    She went on: ‘As a loyal customer, I had had enough, so I rang my local store, not to shout at them or anything, but because I wanted to tell them that I’m very frail and if they could try to remember everything I order, I’d be very grateful.
    ‘Sainsbury’s was my lifeline, and now it’s been taken away from me.’

    Using the term ‘coloured’ to refer to black people is considered to be offensive because it dismisses everyone who is not white as the same.

    Time for ALL nationalists to boycott these bastards straight away. I for one will avoid Sainsburys like the plague!

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