Friday, 13 September 2013

BNP Question Time

Another breath of fresh air from the BNP Question Time show.

It sure makes a refreshing change to the lies and rhetoric from the evil BBC.

Syria is a main topic of the recording and Nick Griffin MEP is well qualified to speak about the civil war that is destroying the country.

It goes to show that we have been fed a total pack of lies about Syria.

The BBC have been very shy at pointing out that a significant number of the "Free Syrian Army" are terrorists & jihadists.

Only a couple of days ago we have seen these Muslim fanatics attacking ancient Christian villages, these disturbing pictures weren't shown on the BBC by the way, they were highlighted on Russia Today.

Well done to Nick Griffin and the BNP.

You have shown us the facts about what is happening in Syria.

You have shown the BBC to be an army of liars and "truth editors", desperately trying to edit the facts and trying to gather support for a radical, fanatical version of Islam in Syria.

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