Thursday, 29 August 2013

Nick Griffin in Syria again

Nick Griffin MEP, accompanied by BNP National Treasurer Clive Jefferson and BNP Head of Publicity Charlie Wythe, have dramatically cut short a conference in Brussels to embark on an emergency BNP peace mission to war-torn Syria.

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The whole country is watching as another British prime minister defies the British public, rejects common sense and casts aside all moral decency by threatening to attack a foreign and sovereign nation with military strikes.

Warmongers William Hague and David Cameron have refused to reach a solution by diplomatic means and are rushing headlong into war. The BNP considers it a criminal offence to interfere by way of military strikes on nations which do not threaten our own.

For the duration of Nick Griffin’s BNP Peace Envoy to reach a diplomatic solution and avoid another war, the only British Member of Parliament with balls – Britain’s bravest MEP will be posting regular reports on Facebook and Twitter directly from Damascus.

Once again Nick Griffin is putting his life on the line to stop the Cameron regime from committing war crimes in the name of the British people, and, if we cannot prevent it, the least we can do is make sure that the British people know that the only member of parliament with any balls is campaigning for peace while Cameron’s regime is committing more crimes in the name of the British people.
We in the BNP urge everyone to contact their MP urgently to ask them to vote against any military action in Syria by the UK. Remember, every cruise missile dropped on Syria will cost £1million - money much better spent here in the UK on doctors, nurses and schools. You can find your local MP, and details of how to contact them, here.
Great news that we will get some "real" facts about what's really happening on the ground in Syria.
It will be a breath of fresh air to the usual BBC bullshit.

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  1. What a hero that man is, im not a follower or believer in the BNP but atleast he is showing his balls of steel trying to prevent what we all know will be WORLD WAR 3.. My hat is off to you and your followers after reading this.. THANK YOU FOR BRINGING HOPE BACK TO THE BRITISH PEOPLE!