Friday, 16 August 2013

Charity Walkers Interviewed by Nick Griffin

Following on from the article on the BNP website last week about the two animal lovers who were stoned in Birmingham by Muslims whilst on a charity walk to raise funds for Birmingham Dogs Home, Nick Griffin recently took the opportunity to interview Steven and Vikki Ellis along with brother in law Jason Hendry for BNPtv.

Last weeks article can be read HERE.

Obviously these people have gone to the BNP with their story because the PC local rags have edited out the full story and tried to airbrush out the facts.

Great to see that this story has now been properly told and published on the main BNP website.

It's a great shame that an event to raise money for a dog charity has been ruined by gangs of Muslims, lets hope this deserving charity event gains extra donations because of the BNPtv interview.

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