Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Nick Griffin MEP visits Damascus

Nick Griffin has revealed he is in Syria, after leaving the UK on Sunday and travelling to the war-torn country via Lebanon.
Griffin, leader of the beleaguered British National Party, whose fortunes have waned since the 2010 local elections, claims he has travelled to the Arab nation to find out about rebel groups being offered funding by William Hague, who he claims are jihadists.
BNP spokesman Simon Darby revealed that Griffin was invited as part of a delegation of European politicians along with representatives from Poland, Russia and Belgium.
President Bashar al-Assad's regime is reported to have invited the far-right MEP to take part in a fact-finding mission, Griffin tweeted earlier comparing Islamist rebels in Syria to Lee Rigby's alleged murderers.
Posting to Twitter Griffin posed the question: "Why turn stable secular state into Iraq-style hell of sectarian hate?" and compared Damascus to Belfast during the height of the conflict in Northern Ireland.

It compares to Northern Ireland in other ways too... Remember when dictator Colonel Gaddaffi was supplying arms to the IRA? Why is it suddenly alright for the UK to supply arms to Islamic terror groups in Syria? Libya was always seen as a "not so nice country" because of the arms it supplied to the IRA back in the 80's. Those with a good memory will be asking themselves how any government that has experienced terrorism like the UK has can support terror in other soveriegn nations.

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