Thursday, 27 June 2013

Five Muslim Paedophiles Caged

From BNP Website

Two sets of evil perverted Muslim brothers are among seven men today jailed, five for life, for their part in the sadistic abuse, torture and rape of young girls in Oxford.

Mohammed Karrar, 38, of Kames Close, Oxford, will serve at least 20 years after being convicted of 18 offences.
Bassam Karrar, 34, of Hundred Acres Close, Oxford, will serve at least 15 years.
Anjum and Akhtar Doghar were also caged for life and will each serve a minimum term of 17 years.
Kamar Jamil, 27, was jailed for life with a minimum term of 12 years.
Assad Hussain, 32, of Ashurst Way, Oxford, and Zeeshan Ahmed, 28, of Palmer Road, were jailed for seven years.
Judge Rook said while sentencing the seven animals who abused the girls as part of an organised sex ring,: "These were sexual crimes of the upmost gravity."
"The depravity was extreme, each victim was groomed, coerced and intimidated."
"You targeted the young girls because they were vulnerable, underage and out-of-control," he said.
The beasts, aged between 27 and 38, were found guilty of eight years of offending involving vulnerable young girls in Oxford and were convicted of a number of counts of rape, trafficking and child prostitution.
The court heard during the trial that the girls were drugged with crack cocaine, plied with alcohol and trafficked for sex across the country.
After the sentencing, Simon Morgan, of Thames Valley Police, said: "Tonight when these girls go home they go home in confidence knowing these men that cause them so much pain are behind bars."
He added: "There is another message here and the message is this. If you even thing about carrying out or committing the sort of sexual atrocities we have seen in this case then think again. Look over your shoulder and keep looking over your shoulder. We know how you think, we know how you work. Be under no illusion that we will be coming for you."
Maybe Mr Morgan cases like this would be non existent if you, the rest of the police forces and social services up and down the country had listened to British National Party Chairman, Nick Griffin MEP, who told you nearly a decade ago that this was happening, but instead you chose to ignore it for fear of offending the Muslim community, and instead tried to jail Mr. Griffin for telling the truth.
You ALL knew fine well this abuse was going on right underneath your noses and many, many young girl’s lives now lie in tatters, completely ruined by these savage monsters.
It is ONLY because of the British National Party and other like minded organisations that had to take to the streets to highlight this filthy growing menace that at long last these paedophilic parasites are now finally being put behind bars.
Your statement full of bravado and self importance falls upon deaf ears to nationalists, and instead of puffing your chests out, your heads should be hung in shame for failing our young vulnerable girls.
I suppose I should give my two pennies worth .... What a sick bunch these people are ... grooming vulnerable girls when they have many troubles already in their lives. I feel equally sad that the establishment took no notice of Nick Griffin MEP all those years ago when he warned what was going on, the authorities should hang their heads in shame!!!

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