Thursday, 23 May 2013

Feelings Running High after Woolwich Attack

Yesterday in London we saw an act that shocked the whole nation. Islamic terrorists have beheaded a British soldier on a London street in broad daylight as they shouted "Allah Akhbar [God is great]".
I didn't sleep well at all last night, I couldn't stop thinking how much this poor guy suffered at the hands of this filth we have living amongst us.
As usual, the BNP's "say it how it is" ethic came into full swing.
Here's a snippet...
So much for all the politicians saying Islam is a Religion of Peace.

So much for UKIP, getting votes by attacking Eastern European immigration whilst holding Mosque Awareness visits in an effort to grab Muslim votes.

So much to those who say mass immigration has “enriched” Britain.

The truth is plain to see, it is killing us as individuals, and it is replacing the traditional tolerance of Britain with the murderous violence of the Third World and 7th Century barbarism.

That is why it’s not good enough just to talk about restricting immigration like all the other parties do, it’s got to be stopped completely and reversed.

In particular every preacher of Islamist hate, every Islamic activist and every community that harbours or defends them must be sent back to the country they came from.

Don’t blame people on the street just because they are “brown,” many are Sikhs and Hindus who completely oppose Islam and many ordinary Muslims will be disgusted by this violence which springs from the innate radicalism of Sunni Islam.

Don’t blame them, blame the Islamists and the politicians who let them come into the country and preach hatred at our expense.

BNP leader Nick Griffin Tweets...

nickgriffinmep profile
nickgriffinmep Media & politicians 'strangely' silent over widespread grassroots reports of young 'British' Muslims cheering & hooting on Woolwich news. 27 minutes ago · reply · retweet · favorite
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nickgriffinmep After #Woolwich, isn't it time the political elite apologised to Enoch Powell, to the family of Charlene Downes & all their other victims?

Meanwhile BNP activists have been expressing their views in the BNP comments section, here's some of them...
You watch.......I bet one of the main concerns of Cameron's cobra meeting will be how to deflect this away from support for the BNP.This is exactly why we're right to hold our guns and not jump on the UKIP "let's avoid the main issue"bandwagon.A society at ease with itself? My left bollock.


There is no longer freedom of speech ... just quiet, SEETHING ANGER. Here we are, having witnessed the most savagely barbaric and cruel MURDER of our brother by two savages on our streets in broad daylight and we cannot express what is in our troubled, sad, angry hearts. We have to resort in talking in code. Can you believe that that now thoroughly discredited institution, the BBC, had "commentators" on their news bulletins referring to these two savages as, "young men" and even "gentlemen"? May God help us. RIP brother. Condolences to the family.


So much for the government lie spewed from all prime minister's lying lips since the afghani debacle began...the lie?..."we are in afghanistan to keep OUR streets safe..." well dave, how safe are the streets of London now? The more migrants...the more danger for the British Born...the harder life is for the British and me! Immigrants are becoming the majority on the streets of the capital. They bring crime to every street throughout our country...and what does the government do about it?...nothing, in fact they encourage them to medicine! and the murderer who hacked the head off a British with a London accent who was obviously bred within our shores, shouting about the army being in a land he has never been to and probably couldn't point to on an atlas. The government are not fit for fact I would go as far as to say they are traitors to OUR country and have given it away to anybody from anywhere who can afford a coach ticket and a suitcase...when are the British Born going to rise up and actually DEFEND the land that their fathers and grandfathers fought and died for?

I must say I find it hard to disagree with the comments, even the left wing unwashed can see what is happening (although they will never admit it).

Enoch's words are starting to come true, God help us.


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