Saturday, 25 May 2013

After Woolwich

The murder of Lee Rigby outside his army barracks in Woolwich has shocked the nation. Who could have ever imagined this could happen?

What is equally sad was seeing his wife and family in tears on TV.

It's all shocking stuff, but who's to blame?

Is it just one of those things we have to accept in a multicultural Britain?

Is it the fault of our current government?

We can go on asking questions forever but I personally blame the Labour party.

Tony Blair is plainly to blame.

Afghanistan and Iraq were his wars.

Open door policy was Blair's idea.

Allowing Muslim hate preachers to preach their hatred on the streets of London was something the Blair government just "put up with".

We have been at war in Afghanistan for twelve years, ever since 9/11, and countless soldiers' lives have been sacrificed there. All the time Osama Bin-Laden was in Pakistan, and the Taliban will come back to power the minute we leave.

Under the Blair-Brown government the UK had an "open door policy", virtually anyone could walk in, also hundreds of millions of pounds in public money has been handed out to Muslim schools, Muslim community centres, and minority cultural grants - while conducting a war that regularly kills people. It's caused a deadly recipe and it has not got any better under Cameron who is just a clone of Blair.

So I blame Tony WMD bLIAR for what happened in Woolwich. Lefties will of course blame the BNP & EDL.

What next though?

I very much doubt that much will change, already there are news reports that the security forces here are powerless to stop unsophisticated attacks such as the one in Woolwich.

I often wonder how many Muslim's have been radicalised by the hate preachers, we know that the majority of Muslims just want to get along with their lives in a peaceful fashion but we also know that there are a small section of Muslims that hate everything and anything Britain stands for.

I hope the government can at least have some courage and deport ALL known hate clerics. It's also time for Anjem Choudary & his followers to go and never come back.

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