Friday, 26 April 2013

BNP release leaflet about UKIP

The countdown to election time is on and the BNP have launched a leaflet exposing UKIP as a money money money party.

UKIP hypocrite puts Polish workers first

UKIP tout for votes by attacking eastern Europeans, but top UKIP 
MEP Roger Knapman cheated on British workers by employing 
cheap POLISH labour to install luxury bathrooms in his £1.2 Million 
country mansion. Knapman started his career at the political 
trough as a Tory MP under Maggie Thatcher.

The UKIP leader was caught by an undercover Sunday Times 
journalist boasting that his son’s employment service,
Billdar, could supply Polish labourers at half the rate of English 

He is now UKIP’s MEP on the powerful Civil Liberties 
Committees in Brussels.

UKIP – like the Tories but richer

UKIP’s Roger Knapman explains why he puts Polish 
workers first: “They have a very good work ethic 
and work so much harder than anyone over here. 

They are not going to go off and do another job
as they are there specifically for you. Many of
the workers here just aren’t skilled enough... 
it’s a 60-hour week... they’re like an army of ants.”

HERE is the link to the leaflet, it sure makes interesting reading!

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