Monday, 25 March 2013

Keith Vaz on 'This Morning'

A little earlier I noticed Labour MP Keith Vaz on the UK daytime chat show 'This Morning'. He was talking about immigration and immigrants that come here with the sole aim of claiming benefits (yes, mainstream politicians are only just starting to talk about this ed).

As you would predict, Vaz tries to start the usual line about the British people being tolerant, the benefits etc of immigration, but before he can get a word in Northern Irish presenter Eamonn Holmes stops him in his tracks.

Heres the short clip . . .

We all know that the mainstream parties are trying to talk tough on immigration.

They know full well that UKIP are creeping up in the polls and people in general are sick to the back teeth of being lied to again and again.

What other option do those in government have to stay in power? Ministers & MP's have no choice but to have some dialogue on the immigration subject.

When you think about it the mainstream parties are just adjusting their stance to stay in power. They are not solid on their policies like the BNP are. They just say the 'popular thing' to stay in power, that's it.

So when you next go out to vote you should remember if you vote for these mainstream parties, you are voting for a group that does very little apart from keep themselves in power. They have no 'real'  policies.

They would shit on you without a second thought if it meant they held onto power, lets not kid ourselves.

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