Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Cameron in a Panic as Immigration Debate no longer 'Taboo Subject'

The once taboo subject of immigrants coming to the UK is now being talked about on a daily basis in the mainstream media.

For decades now people have been talking about the subject to their friends & family 'undercover' for fear of being labelled a racist by far left cranks who infest trade unions, councils, the NHS and to a degree, the general public as a whole.

We know that whenever the BNP has criticised immigration policy they have been slapped down with the race card - being branded "evil racist bigots".

The State of Play Now

We are now nearly in April 2013, UKIP appear to be on the rise, they are doing so well that many observers (and those in power) can see a point where UKIP start to take a chunk of seats from the mainstream "Liblabcon".

The economy is still in life support mode, since summer 2008 we have seen our financial well being being thrown into a nosedive, talk of treble dip reccesion is a daily subject now and many people who lived comfortable lives are now struggling to manage household bills. When these people who are not in the best financial position see immigrants coming here and getting all the free handouts they quite rightly get angry.

With UKIP talking openly about "The Taboo Subject", a number of left leaning newspapers are now catching on to the subject and openly showing concern for what the future holds.

The BNP are more of a problem now for mainstream politics - if UKIP and the mainstream media can talk about the subject, then this leaves the door open for the BNP to have their say.

The countdown is well underway towards "open door policy" for Bulgarian and Romanian nationals. This is a sensative subject because nobody knows how many will actually arrive from these countries (Labour predicted just 13.000 Polish would arrive in 2004/05).

Cameron is talking tough about future new arrivals, claiming that he is going to clamp down on the benifits they may try to claim but already we have had comments from those in Brussels that the UK must provide benifits to any EU citizen.

The debate is on, and in my opinion Cameron has some major headaches ahead.

Out of the three gentlemen above, I know who i'd back!

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