Thursday, 7 February 2013

A quick sum up of Hope not Hate

From Digital Journal - A truthful paragraph about Hope not Hate

Despite its deceptive name, this organisation actually creates hatred and despair for the British people.

It campaigns against just about any political party that stands for the British people, leaving them without a voice. Leaving them with no one to stand up for their best interests.

It is given credibility by hoodwinking mainstream media outlets, such as the Daily Mirror, into believing that they are a respectable organisation. They are not. They are far-left, anti-British extremists and racists. They are closely linked to a whole range of far-left communist and socialist groups.

It claims to campaign against ‘racism’ and ‘racist’ organisations, when in fact it is itself the most racist organisation of all. It hates British culture; it doesn’t want the British people to have the right to their own country.

Its policies of attacking any pro-British organisation, which is against mass immigration, help to ensure the gradual genocide of British people in their own country. They are already a minority in their own capital city, thanks in part to the success of Hope Not Hate’s reign of hatred towards the native population.

HNH is also now targeting the ‘counter-Jihad’ movement. Does it not realise that this means it is effectively aiding the Jihadists?

The only people that they create hope for are foreign colonisers, child grooming gangs, criminals and terrorists such as Abu Qatada, by constantly attacking any group that will protest against them. Indirectly Hope Not Hate is helping such undesirable groups.

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