Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Morrisons goes Halal

...but needs to make it's mind up!
Via Morrisons website today….
Morrisons recognises the importance religious communities attach to food produced in accordance with their beliefs, and in response to customer demand we sell a number of branded halal and kosher products. (then Morrisons quickly starts preaching the animal welfare verse ed) Our customers who do not wish to purchase halal or kosher can choose our fresh meat in full confidence that all animals are pre-stunned and no prayer is read at slaughter. Our fresh meat is 100% British and uniquely the majority is processed at our own abattoirs – giving us unrivalled control over the provenance and quality of our meat.
then in their next breath...
High animal welfare is paramount to all we do, from working with farmers to the point of slaughter. Being closer to source than any other supermarket and owning our own abattoirs means we are uniquely placed to meet our customers’ expectation of good animal welfare.
Through our strong commitment to British sourcing we are supporting the high standards of animal welfare that lie at the heart of British farming. Customers show a preference for British food and good welfare if the price is right, so our goal is to raise standards at no extra cost to shoppers.
We are committed to making ongoing improvements in animal welfare. Our chicken is produced to higher welfare standards, but with no increase in price and we were the first supermarket to insist on CCTV in abattoirs.
Our determination to improve standards of animal welfare extends to all products. We are opposed to animal testing and do not conduct or fund such tests on our own brand cosmetic, toiletry, or household products, or the ingredients in them.
So Morrisons think that animal cruelty can be swept under the carpet because of the importance of someones belief?
Think it's time Morrisons jumped off the fence and told us whether it supports animal welfare or not. 
It seems they want it both ways!
Morrisons either support animal welfare or they don't.
More info on the disgusting practice of Halal slaughter can be found HERE

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  1. Morrisons r full of shit, as are asda, tesco, sainsburys, m&s, waitrose etc. all these outfits are interested in is profits - nothing else. They all try to look like they are there for animal rights, religious sensitivities, customer value etc, all they do is squeeze the farmers and suppliers whilst they rake in the profits.