Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Embrace the diversity

By Carol D

Sorry it's been a good while since my last post. I have been looking in and after several e - mails from Dave (bnp debate owner) I have been meaning to post.

As the title says, "Embrace the diversity" - many readers of this blog will no doubt be horrified to read such a title, but I would ask you to think about it.

The one thing I have noticed when reading these far right sites and blogs is that they are very keen to report the crimes of 1st, 2nd and 3rd generation immigrants.

Never do you hear the same outrage when one of our own commits evil.

I see that as selective reporting, why shouldnt ANY evil be exposed?

We see many crimes commited against people of all faiths and backgrounds. Why only report a fraction of them?

As some of you may know, both myself and my daughter have been subject to domestic violence. My ex husband was very much "indigenous" as was my daughters partner. I was subjected to domestic abuse for over 20 years.

My ex would take great pleasure in taking his aggresion out on me after he had spent the night in the pub.

My daughters ex boyfriend gave her regular "beatings" for not making tea or cleaning up for example. He was what the right call indigenous.

I have great pride these days in the fact that my daughter is very happily married with kids to a very nice Muslim man. She has converted to Islam and lives by the teachings of Islam, she is at last happy, they are all happy.

I am happily single (my former life as a human punchbag has made me like this).

Being from a beaten wife background, I would like to say that the BNP's argument that the indigenous can do no wrong and that anyone from a different background can do nothing right is totally flawed.

There is good and bad in everyone, listen to the words of the song below, (thanks to my daughter for helping me add this video onto this blog post)

It all boils down to life being too short, EMBRACE THE DIVERSITY and enjoy each other, we could all do well to learn more from each others culture. The more we understand each others cultures the more we can enjoy living together.

Celibrate the fact we can enjoy food from nearly every part of the globe here in Great Britain.

We can take part and enjoy other peoples faiths.

"There is good and bad in everyone" - a lyric from the song that the BNP fail to understand.

Thanks for reading, Carol D

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  1. So Carol, where do I start to celebrate?

    My 18 year old nephew carn't get work as every job round here is taken by an Eastern European.

    I suppose we can celebrate the likes of Abu Quatada living in a £450,000 London house (rent paid for by the taxpayer)

    The police are able to free up manpower as we now have the vigilante group called Muslim Patrols keeping the locals in check.

    and to top it all we have an out of touch goverrnment that doesnt give a shit about it's people.