Thursday, 20 December 2012

UKIP and the BNP - Similar Policies?

In the mix of things that attract voters to UKIP, policies are secondary. It is much more to do with outlook.

Certainly, those who are attracted to UKIP are more preoccupied than most with immigration, and will occasionally complain about Britain’s contribution to the EU or the international aid budget.

But these are often part of a greater dissatisfaction with the way they see things going in Britain -

schools can’t hold nativity plays or harvest festivals any more

you can’t fly a flag of St George any more you can’t call Christmas Christmas any more; you won’t be promoted in the police force unless you’re from a minority; you can’t wear an England shirt on the bus; you won’t get social housing unless you’re an immigrant; you can’t speak up about these things because you’ll be called a racist; you can’t even smack your children.

All of these examples are real and were mentioned in focus groups by UKIP voters and considerers to make the point that the mainstream political parties are so in thrall to the prevailing culture of political correctness that they have ceased to represent the silent majority.

UKIP, for those who are attracted to it, may be the party that wants to leave the EU or toughen immigration policy but its primary attraction is that it will “say things that need to be said but others are scared to say”.

Analysis of our poll found the biggest predictor of whether a voter will consider UKIP is that they agree the party is “on the side of people like me”.

BNP leader Nick Griffin often refers to UKIP as being an establishment "saftey valve" - a sort of saftey release for those who are sick and tired of the way the country is going.

It's no secret that UKIP policy is mostly copied from the BNP's.

So what drives people to vote for UKIP instead of the BNP?

Also it must be asked - where would the BNP be today if there was no UKIP eating away at their voteshare?

On a personal note, I think UKIP do their best, but are still held back by political correctness. They shy away from "saying it like it really is", unlike the BNP who tend to be upfront on the issues facing the UK.

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  1. Sadly the brainwashed citizens of the UK will always see the BNP as racist and fascist. And they see UKIP as just Farage, funny and to the point. Except he doesn't really get to the point. UKIP voters are just protest voters, but they are still the main stream at heart, Lib, Lab and Con.!!! Only Nikky boy has retained his principles, because he is a Patriot and family man!!!