Monday, 24 December 2012

Nick Griffin's Christmas Message 2012

Nick Griffin's Christmas message has been published and a very interesting message it is too.

Nick reports that the BNP's financial situation is now looking very healthy. After a number of years of 'difficult' financial times, the BNP is now in the black. The only party in the country that is in the black.

Nick points out that the election results for 2012 have been difficult. The London GLA elections seen the BNP vote drop, but it still held up well compared to BNP rivals - English Democrats & British Freedom.

Rotherham Candidate Margaret Guest has been recognised for getting more votes than Conservatives and Lib Dems combined.

Nick talks about legal wins for a Bradford bus driver who was sacked for being a BNP member.

Nick reports that 2012 has been a good year for demonstrations, the demo's are getting a good response from the general public.

BNPtv hits have apparently gone through the roof as have Lynne Mozar's "World at 8".

All in all, this was a welcome message. It appears that Nick has turned the party around since all the infighting & money troubles. Let's see what interesting events will unfold in 2013.

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