Friday, 14 December 2012

Hope not Hate watchful over Andrew Brons

I was talking to a UAF activist yesterday about the latest goings on in the extreme left organisation.

He told me ( having no idea I run BNP Debate) that the group is watching what BNP exile Andrew Brons's next move will be.

Andrew Brons MEP - Expelled from the BNP

He described Brons as being smarter than Nick Griffin and more than capable of starting a nationalist political party from scratch.

Andrew Brons has started the British Democratic Party after being expelled from the BNP during the well documented BNP in-fight.

It appears that many on the extreme left are worried that Brons's new party could gain support from BNP supporters who are opposed to Nick Griffin and also support from those on the centre right (eg UKIP voters).

It appears those posting comments on the Hope not Hate site agree...

You have to watch Andrew Brons, despite his views he is a very educated and articulate person,such people are clever enough to know how to appeal to a wider audience, it will be interesting to see how this new party progresses, Andrew Brons will surely distance himself from the EDL (at least officially) just a quick read through 'Tommy Robinson's' twitter ramblings and a glance at his disasters on you tube is enough to write them off as a joke. Brons won't make the mistake of going for the thug support, far too sharp for that so don't be fooled.

So watch this space, will the British Democratic Party actually take off?

Will it cause a dent in the BNP's vote share?

Or will it exist as a niche nationalist party such as Britain First or British Freedom?

Time will tell!

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