Tuesday, 6 November 2012

What Makes People Vote BNP?

It's a question that always crops up after the BNP does well in an election - and the answer from the mainstream parties is always the wrong one.

We all remember Gordon Brown's mutterings about the lifelong Labour voter from Rochdale who questioned Mr Brown on immigration during the election campaign.

Remind yourself if you want and watch the video again.

Why is it bigoted to question, to think about or even (god forbid) oppose immigration?

It's a question that those on the left will not answer and it's typical of Labour especially, to brand you a bigot, nazi or racist etc if you dare to question their policy towards immigration or accuse them of having an open door immigration policy.

I think the way anti immigration or anti multicultural people are often referred to as racist drives them to lean to the right wing of British politics.

As you will all know, I use Twitter - @BNPDebate is my name on there and I use it mainly to see whats going on in patriotic, nationalist circles & also left wing groups. As one might imagine, there is plenty of (let's call it banter) to be PC.

The barrage of insults between opposing groups on Twitter doesn't really offer a real debating platform at all, the childish insults, abusive remarks go hand in hand.

The individuals on the anti immigration stance are not aligned either, they range from concerned patriots, BNP members or supporters, EDL members or supporters and a host of other nationalists.

The usual stance of the twitter left wingers is to oppose any restrictions on immigration - indeed it appears they want 'open door policy' - this is also partly typical of the mainstream political parties. They will all begin with talk on being tough on immigration (to please the ever growing number of British folk who are concerned), then as newspapers such as The Mail will expose that nothing has been done to restrict numbers coming in.

So the question remains, what makes people vote BNP?

I don't think for one minute that those in nationalist circles are riddled with hate as many left wingers suggest. Yes, some nationalists have been misled and partly brainwashed, the same goes for those on the left (although I do think many of these leftys are hell bent on violence and anarchy and have no real opinions on the multicultural society).

I think nationalist / patriotic people are worried to be honest, worried about the future of our country.

We all know that deep down the indigenous British & Irish are traditional people. When they see things changing they will start to worry, they will worry for the life of their children and their children's children in the future.

When we see reports of black gang culture down in London or Asian heroin gangs in places like Luton and Bradford, we are bound to worry, are we not?

Is it not human nature to worry about these things?

There are other issues too that are driving people towards a nationalistic outlook, such as economic issues.

When hard pressed families are seeing household bills rocket, mass unemployment and generally having a really hard time financially then they will look towards others who are creaming freebies from the system.

I agree with this to some degree but one thing I also know is there are plenty of white indigenous who are sitting happy claiming benefits.

Is it pure laziness? In some cases yes it is, but in others you have a situation where Eastern Europeans have come in and took work for a lower rate than what was 'the going rate' for the particular trade.

Many of these people feel that the wages on offer are an insult to them so they decide they are just as well off claiming benifits.

On another note we are seeing a disturbing pattern of Muslim grooming gangs, this is also worrying many people as the Police & Crown Prosecution Service have swept many of these crimes under the carpet in favour of remaining politicly correct. (only recently, have some of the grooming crimes gone to court)

I'm not going to go into the video below as i'm sure you all know what it's about, this tragic story of 14 year old Charlene Downes shocks any sane person. The way that Charlenes mother has been treated is dreadful.

So there's my view. People turn to the BNP and other nationalist groups for a number of reasons (certainly not all the reasons are mentioned in this post). It's time that the powers that be should get back in touch with reality and start thinking why people are questioning the logic of mass immigration.

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