Sunday, 25 November 2012

UKIP Members Unfit for Foster Children

Yet again we see the Political Left forcing their subversive Marxist agenda onto the dumbed down public, not only do the Marxist's want everyone to believe what they say is true, they are now using the Main Stream Media (MSM) to get into the minds of the people.

Rotherham in South Yorkshire is the latest in industrial towns in the UK facing this type of Marxism.

It would seem that if you have children, fostered or your very own children and you support, or are a member of a Political party that leans slightly to the ''RIGHT'' or is indeed a member or supporter of a party or party's that are deemed by the Left as ''Far Right'' then you are unfit to have children in your household.

How bizarre is that?

This is because the Left-wing don't want our children to be told the truth about our culture and heritage, they would sooner you be indoctrinating your children to accept this nightmare of multi-culturism.

Just recently in Rotherham a family who foster children have been told that they cannot have these children in their care due to their membership of UKIP, now UKIP is not really a ''far right'' sort of a party, they are just a one trick party whose sole aim is to get Britain out of the EU, but the Politically Correct Social Services have interfered and have put pressure on the family and now the Marxist media are making a meal of it.

Let's not forget that it was Social Services that ignored the cries and pleas from young girls that we're and still are victims of child abuse by members of the Muslim Community around the country.

Until people start and wake up from their slumber then this child stealing will continue, these are our children and they are not the property of Social Services.

Remember, when you next cast your vote in the forth coming elections, be it, local by-elections, local council elections or the General election, your vote does count, but also remember that if you keep voting for the 3 main gang party's you are putting our children in danger, only a Nationalist Party will save our children, and preserve their futures.

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