Monday, 26 November 2012

Nick Griffin MEP Speaks In Manchester

BNP leader Nick Griffin MEP speaks to followers and members at a meeting in Manchester.

Quite a good speech tbh, Nick as usual gets straight to the point on the grooming issue then he goes on to blast the BBC and the way they tried to silence the grooming issue.

Watch the video, it's a very interesting speech.

From the BNP website ...

"Before the Chairman arrived, Manchester Central candidate Eddy O'Sullivan delivered his election address to the crowd amid massive cheers and rounds of applause.

After the break it was on to Nick Griffin MEP who was introduced to the stage by acting Northwest Regional Organiser Gary Tumulty.

After the speech donations were offered and well over £1000 was collected towards the cost leaflets for the Manchester Central and Ardwick candidate’s leaflets.

Gary Tumulty commented "I thank every member who turned up and donated to the cause, meetings like this show that support for the party in our area is strong and it was great to see the meeting room packed out, I was proud to stand up at the front of the room in front of everyone".

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