Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Griffinwatch gets a Police Visit

The owner of the anti Nick Griffin blog "Griffinwatch" has received a police visit yesterday afternoon.

Apparently the police visit was not sparked by any article by the blogs owner, it was sparked by comments from annonymus posters and as a result all comments on the blog must now be moderated.

Here is the announcement from Griffinwatch...

A visit from the police.
We have just had a visit from the police, in a friendly manner, the D.C.I.s explained that there has been a complaint against some of the comments in our comments section.

Consequently the comments section will now be placed on moderation, the police have informed me that anonymous comments are traceable (nothing is anonymous on the net as we all know).

The blog could also be removed from the net, this is a possibility, therefore I WOULD URGE OUR COMMENTERS TO "THINK ON" BEFORE COMMENTING in future please.

This blog is, with your help, a valuable resource for getting information out to the public, I don't want us shutting down.

Your help in this matter would be greatly appreciated.


Sean Hadley.

G.W. Editor.

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