Thursday, 25 October 2012

Unity between the BNP & EDL?

The BNP leader Nick Griffin has once again held an olive branch out to the EDL and it's supporters by writing to the police and prison governor at HMP Wandsworth about the treatment of EDL supporters and their leader (Tommy Robinson who is on remand in HMP Wandsworth).

Here are copies of the letters. (Click to enlarge)

Letter to govenor of HMP Wandsworth below

Click HERE for PDF copy

Click HERE for PDF copy

Well, there you have it.

Nick Griffin may be doing this clever move as an attempt to poach EDL members or supporter's.

Or on the other hand he may have decided that despite the differing opinions of the two groups, they are far better off loosely united rather than being sworn enemies.

The regular commenters on the BNP website seem to be supporting Nick's actions, maybe they wanted some unity after all?

The first sign of the BNP warming up the the EDL was published back in February - HERE is a link to the webpage.

We will have to wait and see if the EDL leadership wants any kind of unity with the BNP?

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