Friday, 26 October 2012

BNP rubbing the BBC's nose in it

It looks like the BNP have decided the time has come to offer a little payback to the BBC.

While the corporation is in disarray due to what dirty bastard Jimmy Savile was getting up to, London BNP have held protests outside the BBC in London calling for a public enquiry.

BNP heavyweight Simon Darby posts in his blog

"Got a little bit of media interest brewing concerning a BNP demonstration taking place today regarding the recent and not so recent antics of the BBC. Conspiring with West Yorkshire Police to try and get an MEP thrown into prison for blowing the whistle on paedophilia really doesn't look so good for the BBC in the wake of the Savile Scandal. The truth has this nasty habit of coming out."

The whole Savile scandal really does show what the BBC are all about.

Could anyone now believe that nobody in the BBC knew what Savile was getting up to?

Were others at the BBC tampering with young girls?

Were BBC staff covering up for Savile?

The fact that they tried to throw Nick Griffin in jail for warning about Muslim grooming gangs must be a great embarrassment to them.

Look at the disgusting stories we are seeing...and to top it off, we are all funding the BBC through the Television Licence.

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