Sunday, 19 August 2012

Vile Griffinwatch uses mentally ill black woman to brainwash readership

You couldnt make it up if you tried, the vile and disgusting griffinwatch site has published a video of what appears to be a mentally ill black woman on public transport who is mouthing off about everything and anything. Griffinwatch are trying to portray that all black people act like this. I have posted a comment on gw venting my dissapoval of this video. Black people do not think this way, the woman in the video is mentaly ill.

I thouight griffinwatch was about exposing the furur griffin?

Pity they try to promote the hate and mindset of griffin himself instead of tackling the disgusting griffin way of thinking.


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  1. Carol, in future can you put a link in to show the story you are talking about.

    The link (i think) is here...

    Secondly, I will say that the video is there to demonstrate double standards, eg Emma West aka Tram lady.

    Look at the establishment witchunt that went on for Emma West when she said some anti multicult rants.

    Then look at the behaviour of this black woman with her anti white rants - no witchunt & media silence to go with it.

    It doesn't take rocket science for double standards to spring to mind.