Monday, 27 August 2012

Tolerance, Understanding & the need to co-exist

From Carol

Hello readers, it's nearly 4am on a bank holiday Monday morning and I am wide awake (not unusual for me as i'm a terrible sleeper!)

I thought why not put a posting on Dave's BNP Debate blog, so here goes.

I wanted to put across the question of how we might generally 'get along' with others from different faiths, ethnicity etc.

Why are there those who are hell bent on creating division amongst our communities?

Here in Birmingham we have a wide and very diverse mix of people from all kinds of backgrounds and in my particular area we generally get along just fine.

This is common in many British towns and cities across the country.

It all sounds well and good so far doesn't it?

The vast majority working together, understanding each other and quite rightly getting along just fine.

So whats the problem I hear you ask, well, there is a problem, that problem is the growing number of bigots who are hell bent in creating division between different religions and different backgrounds.

Why are there people like this?

Well, I put it down to the parents. We are already seeing the young adult sons and daughters of BNP members turning out to be just the same as their parents and indeed sometimes much worse. One only has to wonder who has been brainwashing the EDL members!

Look how Nick Griffins daughter Jennifer has followed her father into the inner circle of the BNP leadership.

I could go on and on to prove it's the parenting that influences the children, but whats the point? The facts are staring you in the face!

Time and time again we see the hate and bigoted views of young adults - we must ask ourselves is this what the bigoted parents wanted for these young minds?

We are constantly reminded by racist rags like the Daily Mail that things are not perfect, is anything perfect? But we as humans must do our best for each other, after all we are members of a race, yes the HUMAN race.

I think it's awful how some people judge others on their race or skin colour but I think there is change in the air. I think there are many once bigoted types who are waking up to the lies and mind manipulation that comes from the likes of the BNP et al.

We need to exist together, we can be so much stronger if we move forward together.

So I as a woman who speaks out against racism in all it's forms would like to ask those with bigoted views to at least try to change, try it for a month and see if you like it, anything is worth a go isn't it?

Maybe then, you will see that we are all very much alike, meaning there is no need for division.

On that note, I would like to wish you a very good bank holiday. (weather permitting lol)


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  1. Carol

    Birmingham is a complete mess. There are no go area's (for whites) the majority of junior school kids are non white, whole wards look like a 3rd world dump.

    What part of Brum are you from?