Thursday, 2 August 2012

Tesco - All is not well amongst it's employees

It's no secret that the BNP & many other nationalist groups are not exactly fans of supermarket giant Tesco.

There are a number of reasons that nationalists are thinking this way, be it Tesco selling unlabelled halal meat or setting up stores and shops in towns and villages with a result of destroying local town centre trade.

I'm sure the list goes on and on. Personally, I have always said they are an overpriced ripoff shop hell bent on wiping out local shops and business's.

Having said that and accepting most of this information be true, there is also another twist that usually isn't spoken about - staff welfare.

A great forum called "Very Little Helps" is for Tesco employees to tell their stories anonymously about the low tricks that Tesco management use against them, it is a wealth of 1st hand knowledge of internal goings on & general treatment of staff .

I've read quite a few of the threads and it appears all is not well amongst the staff in the UK's biggest supermarket.

One shocking thread tells a story of Tesco filling a distribution centre at Avonmouth (Nr Bristol) with 80% Eastern Europeans all working for pittance.

Have a read and see for yourself, it appears that Tesco aren't too good at treating their hard working staff fairly.

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