Friday, 10 August 2012

Lynne Mozar - A truely proffesional newsreader

I was listening to the BNP's own nationalist news show "The World at 8" on Wednesday, it is read by a very nice lady called Lynne Mozar.

Having been listening to most of her presentations since the start of "The World at 8" I must say she is a true proffesional. Surprisingly better in her delivery of news than those who you hear on mainstream radio.

Even if you disagree with the nationalist view, you still carn't say she sounds unproffesional - she is up there with the best of em at the BBC & Sky.

Lynne Mozar - A true proffesional at news reading

Lynne's voice streams through the news with her warm and comforting voice, no hiccups, no start & stop sentences - like I say - a true proffesional!

She actually sounds like she cares, you can hear it in her voice - not like the puppet newsreaders of the mainstream!

What a great asset Lynne is to the nationalist cause, she is truely a gem to those at the top of the BNP and other nationalist groups.

I for one would like to say a big thankyou to Lynne - who has also supported Charlene Down's mother in getting justice for her murdered daughter. Your definitly one in a million.

The World at 8 can be listed to on Monday, Wednesday and Friday nights at 8 on the BNP website.

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  1. personally, she strikes me as a cross between Goebbels and Alan Partridge