Thursday, 23 August 2012

Heath Tourism alive & well in Manchester

ITV Granada news have just reported the extent of health tourism in the UK.

In their report they said that a Nigerian woman had arrived at Manchester airport after a scan in Nigeria showed there were complications.

After landing at Manchester airport, the woman went directly from the airport to Wythenshawe Hospital (which is only 2 miles away).

The treatment the woman received cost the taxpayer over £10.000.

The report mentions that the bill as a nation for health tourists goes into millions, they also point out that the government are looking into the whole health tourist situation.

Here is the video of the report...

I think this is the tip of the iceberg tbh.

What about all the immigrants who are here legally?

Just because they are here legally doesn't mean they have paid their fair share of tax and NI into the system.

As the report said "The government are looking into it" - this usually translates that they are in the process of sweeping this important issue under the carpet.

When will we get a political party in power that has a backbone and show we are not here as a nation to provide free heathcare to the international community?

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