Sunday, 19 August 2012

BBC take 5 days to report French riots

The BBC are up to their usual tricks again, this time trying to silence news of serious Muslim/immigrant rioting in the French city of Amiens.

Routers first reported the disturbances on Tuesday 14th August, while the BBC mentioned the riot on Sunday the 19th August. They described the disturbance as "riots in Amiens earlier this week".

Reuters Report

BBC Report - Several days later!

Theres one thing you can guarantee, if it was loyalists rioting in Belfast, or nationalists rioting in Londonderry - if it was EDL rioting in Luton then you can be sure the BBC would have been first to report it!

Time is running out for the BBC - people are now seeing the corporation as a left wing broadcasting cartel which tries to silence stories that prove the left wing & multiculturists wrong.

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