Saturday, 2 June 2012

The State of Nationalism in 2012

Well first I would like to say it's good to be back in the UK after a three week holiday in America. The trip which included a first week in New York, then the other two week soaking up the sun in Florida.

I had a great time, I also kept an eye on nationalist goings on - I've noticed things have gone rather quiet since the failure of nationalist parties in the recent local elections.

Nationalism appears to be in meltdown. The BNP seem to be getting nowhere (indeed loosing many council seats) and other parties like Britain First, British Freedom & English Democrats seem to be having trouble getting themselves off the ground.

The question is why is everyone still backing the likes of Labour? After all they have proved themselves to be nest feathering parasites, as have the Conservatives and Lib Dems to some extent.

So I ask again, why are people backing these people at the ballot box?

We are being shit on from great heights at the moment & we must ask ourselves if the ordinary man in the street knows this.

We all know that there are many people who are not the brightest when it comes to weighing up politics and watching what is going on. It's not that they are thick, stupid or anything like that, it's the fact that many feel that the political system has let them down so they turn their back on the political system and ALL parties.

They feel powerless and that their voice is not being heard (in many cases it isn't, political parties will promise the world when campaigning but when in power they suddenly 'forget their promises').

Another thing that appears to go unnoticed by the masses is the blatant double standards. A distasteful tweet or anti immigration rant in public will get you locked up whilst if you are from an ethnic minority and beat a innocent white girl up you are allowed to walk free.

People must start waking up to the reality. Here in Britain today we are being taken for mugs and those in power know it. They know they can treat us like dirt and the mainstream media will cover it up, twist & deflect from the issues.

Is infighting causing a lack of nationalist voters?

This is a question we need to ask as well, we in nationalist circles know full well of the in fight that has been going on for a good while now - the question is whether ordinary 'would be' nationalist voters have got wind of this?

Has Nick Griffin managed to deflect the in fight away from the ballot box?

We know nothing is ever mentioned on the BNP website about ex BNP officials who have been given the boot, what we do know is that many of these BNP refugees are now in other breakaway parties, many run anti Griffin blogs and sites so it's only correct to assume that people are starting to follow these anti Griffin outfits and taking their vote elsewhere - maybe to UKIP or ED's would you say?

Has Griffin gone past his sell by date?

Like I have said, the amount of anti Griffin sites out there has soared since the start of this in fight. What many are now asking is whether it is time for Griffin to step aside and let some new blood into the BNP leadership.

Many say that Griffin has too much baggage (holocaust denial, NF past etc), is this turning people away from the BNP?

Could it actually be that Griffin is damaging the BNP to such an extent that it will be non existent in another five years time? - we will wait and see.

Something needs to happen soon, or nationalism in this country is doomed and we will be left hung out to dry.

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