Saturday, 9 June 2012

BBC seem to support barbaric halal slaughter

Another biased chat show on the BBC, it shows what the BBC are straight away.

Many people will be shocked that it takes over 5 minutes for them to even get onto the welfare issues for the animal.

In usual BBC style, the word "islamaphobea" is also thrown in many times.

The presenter even ignores the fact that expert vets from across Europe have proved that the method of halal and kosher slaughter causes unnecessary pain and suffering to the animal.

As you will have seen, the debate is not about banning halal meat, only if it should be labelled or not.

In my opinion it is only right that it should be labelled, after all, who wants to eat meat which comes from an animal that has been tortured to death?

It is not anti Islamic to suggest that proper labelling must be made law.

The government have been serving halal meat up in schools, hospitals, council buildings & even the house of commons without anybody being told.

Private business is no better, apparently much of Asda, Tesco & Sainsburys meat is unlabeled halal.

Only Morrisons could say that their British meat is not halal (Morrisons are the only supermarket to own and operate their own slaughterhouses).

So there you go - be aware of what you are eating. If people think that the RSPCA will eventually ban halal slaughter then they are in for a very long wait. The RSPCA know full well this method is pure cruelty, but they say very little as they would not want to cause offence to the Islamic faith.

Halal meat means the animal has it's throat cut whilst fully conscious, it's obvious this causes many minutes of suffering whilst the animal dies.

The Western way of slaughter involves "stunning". Stunning is where the animal is knocked out by an electric current. This takes a couple of seconds for the animal to be fully unconscious meaning there is no pain felt - this is by far the better, more humaine method.

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