Friday, 8 June 2012

Anti British Racism from the BBC

The anti British BBC are at it again with their anti British agenda. This time BBC Radio 4 are the offenders...

The so called 'comedy' on BBC Radio 4 was shown at 6.30 tonight on the Simon Day show.

Radio 4 broadcast a story of a white working class Cockney, who claims to have got his kids into a good school in London, with high Ofstead rating, thanks to the immigrants apparently, ‘the white kids are all idiots’ he says!

Imagine if a ‘comedian’ said that about any other ethnic group?

This is what the BBC are all about -  constant denigration of ethnically British people, especially working class, all lapped up by the middle class audience too who don’t even see how racist and filled with class hatred they are.
The BBC are always keen to do their bit of indigenous British bashing, lets hope that many indigenous people decide to complain to BBC. It makes me ask what i'm paying the licence fee for?

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