Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Fear driving voters to the BNP

I've been watching and taking part in debates on twitter over the last few weeks. The debates which are made up of facts, news stories and general political chat are quite interesting. Many of the left wing participants are UAF, the right wingers are mainly EDL supporters, not BNP.

The one thing that sticks out in these debates is the UAF - they don't seem to get why people support right wing groups, their answer seems to be that anyone supporting the right wing in Britain is a tattoo infested skinhead, hell bent on causing trouble and attacking ethnic minorities.

The UAF are also like dictators too - a few week ago one was asking whether I supported the BNP or not.

He/she actually put something along the lines of "if you are happy with the ethnic mix in Britain then I have no argument with you" WTF?

So what if I'm not happy with it?

Does that make me a hate filled racist?

No, of course it doesn't - anyone in their right mind knows to be concerned about immigration into the UK doesn't make you racist. I go to Goa, Cyprus and Turkey regularly on holidays and find the people there fantastic. I find them really genuine, honest and decent people, so how can I be racist?

The UAF / Hope not Hate / Searchlight have become deluded when they think that anyone who votes for the BNP is full of hate, indeed the same hate they show for anyone who is concerned about immigration.

They don't get the reason is quite opposite, the reason in my eyes is fear, fear for the future, fear for the UK as a whole.

I believe political correctness is a main driver of fear. When we hear stories of Muslims handing out posters saying "Christmas is evil" these acts are going unchallenged by those in government, when we see Muslim hate gangs burning poppy's at London remembrance day celebrations, when we see Muslim gangs spitting at our troops at a homecoming parade in Luton.

Many of these things worry your average Brit, (British Army, Royal Air Force & Royal Navy are held in very high regard by the average British working class folk)"

Muslim protesters in Luton, Bedfordshire

The London riots were also a wake up call to people, here we saw black gangs causing havoc across London and the BBC were trying to say that it was mainly whites doing the rioting. Is it any wonder why the white working class are feeling disillusioned?

We can also look at the court system here too. Where a drunken gang of Somali women beat a white girl to a pulp for no reason and get off with it because the judge said "they had been drinking and as Muslim's they weren't used to it"

The list goes on and on, every day we see the erosion of our traditions. This is making people worry, people don't like change and it results in them thinking "Maybe the BNP are right on some issues".

Many worry too when they see the police and courts being used as a tool for the government, the Labour party were very good at this - they tried to use this tactic against the BNP leader Nick Griffin when he spoke out about Muslim gangs grooming young white girls.

So you see, a BNP / nationalist supporter is not the vile, racist, bigot you think they are. It's a lot simpler than that, the vast majority of them are frightened, scared and worried about the future. With spineless / powerless governments running the show things are only set to get worse and a steady flow of people are now turning to the nationalist cause because they see no protection of their traditions and way of life from the mainstream parties.

Indeed speak to many nationalist supporters and they will tell you they feel like second class citizens in their own country.

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