Wednesday, 2 May 2012

BNP Debate brings in new Twitter procedures

Earlier on whilst debating on twitter we got a far left numpty threatening violence towards me for no reason.

At one point this person said he was sending his address, then said he had sent me his address (which he didn't), then went on threatening me with a barrage of insults.

So, I have decided that in future debates, where the person starts making threats etc, then the debate will be stopped and the offender blocked.

Last nights incident seems to be from some hot headed teenager full of mouth, it could well have been a total nutter though. It's always best not to take these types on as they will turn the debate into a full blown slanging match.

The person last night immediately deleted his threatening tweets and then protected (blocked) his account.

Many thanks



  1. I witnessed this situation unfold last night and although the gent was in the wrong with his threats, I have to admit that YOU were also threatening/insulting/rude/ignorant. As much so as he was. You also failed to mention that he said he was an NHS worker and for the record - I noticed that he posted his address twice. I totally disagree with this behaviour of violence solving issues but I just thought I should highlight the facts. Maybe you should look at your own behaviour as derogatory as well as other people's. Perhaps then you can seem like a medium in discussions rather than severely right wing.

    Just a thought.

  2. I did not give any threats either, he come on and started sending abuse with threats included.

  3. Why would you continue this issue by naming & shaming him? I'm sorry, I was under the belief that this was a site for debating political issues, not for you to try & intimidate & bully somebody who is obviously not mature enough to know better. You state in your twitter feed you're 39 years old, however by telling me what "we" do or don't need - you're not acting your age, Dave. I am a 54 year old man, in your position if you really are supposed to be a medium for debating issues you should be turning the proverbial "other cheek" and showing a greater maturity and level of discipline. The fact that you went toe to toe (of sorts) last night shows how you're not really ready to join a debate. More like you are ready to BERATE others for defending themselves in what they feel is a direct attack from you. If I read correctly, RacistBasher started this. I have watched your back & forth tweets between yourself and him for a while & I have made my opinion that I, personally think that you contribute towards the hate and negativity. You should be more honest, if you want to be taken seriously. As if you are just arguing with people who are obviously younger than you and don't know better - then you are no better than them.

    Oh and FYI - I am actually a MEMBER of the BNP. It is people like YOU that actually give US a bad name.

    - J.

  4. Right, lets forget it now, the persons name has been removed. We have more important things to watch today.