Tuesday, 24 April 2012

BNP Election Broadcast

The BNP's Election broadcast for the May GLA elections are being aired in just under an hour on the BBC at 18:55. (18:25 on ITV London) Those not in London can watch online or if you have Sky it is on channel 974 nationwide.

If you live in the Greater London region you can watch our televison broadcast live on ITV London and BBC London this evening.

The first TV showing is on ITV London at 18:25. – also Sky channel 993. The second TV showing is on BBC ONE London at 18:55. – also Sky channel 974.

 Don't worry if you won't be back from work in time or don't live in the Greater London area, you can watch our broadcast anytime after 19:00 online at www.bnptv.org.uk – we'll even send you a reminder by email so you'll be sure not to miss it.

Our radio broadcast is also aired today on BBC Radio London 94.9 FM at 18.55. The television broadcast created by BNPtv passed first time the stringent technical standards for high definition broadcasts and the tight content evaluation demanded by the BBC and ITV.

The broadcast also features animated graphics which add power to our simple and effective message.

We found out from supporters who haven’t voted for us in past elections that a common reason is that, having never been motivated to vote by any other party before, they honestly don’t know how to do it!

So the broadcast was centred around reassuring them that it’s easy and the right thing to do.

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